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What's New

Over the years, there have been constant upgrades and renovations to the existing facilities. There has been the  addition of a private arrangement office, a new facelift on the exterior of the building, including a new steel roof, a new three bay garage which houses a state of the art wash bay and is completely heated by a radiant source,  the addition of a separate and dedicated selection room, which was built to house four complete meaningful memories vignettes. These caskets can be altered as the family wishes to include choices of different lifestyle cap panels for the lid of the casket as well as a wide selection of lifestyle symbols for the corners of caskets. Also an addition to our existing parking lot for the ease and comfort of the immediate family and friends who may call during the visitation and funeral times. These changes and improvements are just a few of the more recent examples of how we at the Scotland Funeral Home strive to meet expectations and the needs of our client families. 

Families now have the option of selecting a unique and new service, called Lasting Memories Video Tribute. Video Tributes are a warm and wonderful way to help everyone celebrate the very special times with family. Video Tributes will be in a DVD format and we feel each and every Video Tribute represents a perfect way to symbolize a life well lived. The Video Tribute will be played at the funeral home during the visitation hours and/or just prior to the ceremony. Each family who has choosen this option will be given one DVD, which in turn may be played at home or at family gatherings when celebrating a special holiday, birthday or, anniversary. Additional copies may be ordered for additional family members.

Over the winter of 2006, we have undertaken a complete renovation to our large visitation room/Chapel. The main objective of this renovation is to enhance the pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for the client families and friends who may call on us during their time of need.  

In the near future, we will also be adding a special entertainment centre with T.V, D.V.D and V.C.R for families and friends who might bring their young children. This addition will take place in an existing room at the funeral home and will afford those families the opportunity to have their children watch their favorite movie, to use their crayons and colouring books, or to to play with their favorite toys.

We at the Scotland Funeral Home feel this feature will be a valuable asset for families and friends with children.  As we all know and are very much aware that children should attend the visitation and funeral ceremonies, Knowing this, and depending on their age of course, after awhile their awareness and concentration of the situation at hand becomes less stimulating.

The bottom line is that they become a little bored with meeting adults one after the other and in some instances the visitors may for the most part be complete strangers to them. We also know when their cousins begin to arrive they like to be together and tend to wander. It is simply impossible for their parents to leave the line of visitors that have arrived to give the family members support and to pay last respects. We therefore want the parents to know and to take comfort that their children will be just fine, as they are being entertained in a private and comfortable atmosphere.


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