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Reception Lounge

Although the Scotland Funeral Home does not have a designated reception room. We are most willing to assist you in arranging the details for a reception at a local or determined establishment. The main reason a designated area has not been constructed is the simple fact that there are still many large farm homes in the area. We find that many of our client families still wish to return to their home following the service for a time of fellowship and refreshment  Another reason is that there are four major reception halls, within 500 yards of the funeral home. (1) The O'Neill Hall at St. Columbanus Church will accept a nominal donation to the C.W.L. for this service. (2) The Elgin Lions Club Hall charge a fee of $ 50.00 for this service and is Licensed under the L.L.B.O. (3) The new Elgin Complex Community Hall is available to bereaved families at no charge. (4) The Elgin United Church Hall is available as well for a nominal donation to the U.C.W.

In a small community such as Elgin, we have found that
many of the local church groups will provide the catering and facilities. The last thing we would want to do is to take this opportunity away from these small groups that sometimes depend on these donations as a means of fundraising.

Another reason we have not provided this service, by means of a receiption facility is that most often the interment service is not held in Elgin. Sometimes this could be as far away as 25 kms from our Chapel. Families have told us in years gone by that it does not make sense to them to drive all the way back to Elgin to have a reception, if fact  the reception is often held within the many facilities or the church hall in another town, where they are most familiar.

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