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Selection Rooms

Over the years, we at the Scotland Funeral Home have come to know that families need choices and options. To help facilitate our families during their time of need, we have created three selection rooms, each one providing a separate or a combination of needs and choices.

We have our main Traditional Burial or Traditional Cremation Casket Selection Room, containing many traditional wooden and metal caskets. This room also houses five different models of outer concrete burial vaults.

Our next room is our Cremation Options Selection Room, containing a selection of cremation containers, caskets that can be used for either burial or cremation as a means of final disposition. There is also a wide selection of cremation urns.

Located within this room as well is the display of our Funeral Ark. The Funeral Ark is normally used when families who have selected cremation and would like to keep all things for the most part, traditional. For example, having Visitation and Funeral Service/Mass, using pallbearers, and a funeral procession from the Chapel and/or the Church and then to the Cemetery

Our final room is our Meaningful Memories Selection Room. This room contains wooden and steel caskets which may be personalized to reflect and celebrate the unique personality of a loved one.  In brief, there are many choices of Lifestyle Memorial Cap Panels (which are a custom fit, to be placed in the open lid of the casket) as well as up to fifteen choices of Lifestyle Corner motifs (which will fit on each corner of the casket). We have designed four vignettes so that families can see first hand what they can do to personalize a life that has been lived. Families that have selected the caskets in our meaningful memories room have stated that this option adds more meaning, by capturing a personality in a loving and lasting way.


Some Caskets in the Traditional Selection Room

Cremation Options Selection Room
Just a few of the Cremation Urns and
Cremation Products that are available

The Funeral Ark--In keeping with "Tradition"

Meaningful Memories Selection Room - Remembering Her Options

Meaningful Memories Selection Room- Remembering Him Options

Example - Remembering Her Option

Example - Remembering Him Option

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