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Cremation Urns

At the Scotland Funeral Home we have always strived to meet the needs of our families. Over the last several years we have found a slight increase in the number of families opting for cremation. Therefore, this has given rise to an ever-expanding selection of urns in new and exotic types of materials. Many of these urns are best be described as works of art.

Some of the specialized urns that we offer are listed below.  There are many different kinds of urns on the market. If there is a particular style of urn you are looking for that is not among our selections, please let us know. We would be pleased to research the market to help you find the tribute you are looking for.

WOODEN URNS:   These urns are manufactured from many different species of wood. The most common being, Oak, Maple, Cherry and Mahogany. All of the wooden urns at our facility are manufactured from solid woods.

These urns range in price from $ 565.00.00 to $ 772.00

MARBLE URNS:  These urns are among the most durable urns available. When in the hands of crafted artisans, the outcome can be very amazing and unique. These urns are manufactured from natural solid marble and cultured (hand made) marble. They both offer a solid and permanent form of memorialization.

These urns range in price from $ 748.00 to $ 868.00

STEEL OR SOLID BRONZE URNS:   These urns are available in sheet bronze, spun bronze and solid cast bronze. Very few urns available can match the quality of this medium. The use of bronze urns has been recognized as the standard in permanence and reverence in funeral service today. New models are appearing using the lost wax process and forged pieces, these are known to be of museum quality in there design. The bronze urn is fast becoming known as the the ultimate tribute.

These urns range in price from $ 397.00 to $ 2,975.00

KEEPSAKE URNS & JEWELRY:   Keepsake urns and jewelry are not a full sized urn (for which we are familiar with). They are manufactured and developed with the mind set of the cremated remains being shared among family members and friends as a personal memorial. Keepsake urns and jewelry have the ability to keep cremated remains close at hand (and for some) it is a touching and lasting way to honor and remember a loved one in a very special way.

These urns and jewelry range in price from $ 180.00 to $ 686.00

The examples of urns listed above are just a few that a family might view within our cremation options selection room. There are many other urns available at various prices.

For further information about detailed costs and specific options regarding cremation urns, we invite you to visit the Scotland Funeral Home in Elgin (appointments are recommended 613-359-5555)

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