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Newspaper Guidelines

There are many ways to say farewell from formal funeral services to private home-setting celebrations. They all form a part of the way we say goodbye. Obituaries or death notices, however, are a public way we share our final farewell celebration. It is part of the way we say goodbye - the public posting of final words. Some obituaries indicate much thought and much reflection on the life that was lived.

A death or funeral notice is a minimal amount of information.  The funeral notice will express the deceased' name, immediate family members, brothers/sisters and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. It is expressed by indicating when and where the visitation and funeral service will be, the interment service will be identified as well as the request for any memorial donations made in memory of the deceased. All newspapers have a reflective charge for this service.

An obituary is usually a more detailed account of a person's life and is often prepared for the newspaper from a form that the family will complete. Obituaries are a written form of collective remembrances. They remind us of others as well as ourselves - parents or grandparents of friends, the young suddenly departing, the loss of `valiant struggles' against diseases not yet conquered, the hobbies and interests that person might of had, the pallbearers, the officiating clergy, etc. The obituary is usually entered into the newspapers within a month following the death of the deceased. At present, the local Westport Review Mirror and the Brockville Recorder and Times will place obituary's (within one month of the death of the deceased) for client families at no charge. The Kingston Whig Standard does charge for this service.

When community members leave, whether we know them personally or not, we mark their time with us by publicly commemorating their passing. The final words are one way we say goodbye and the way we will remember. These final words are often the way survivors pay tribute, perhaps make amends, and express hope for immortality.

The three most commonly selected newspapers in our area

(1) The Kingston Whig Standard: OSPREY/SUNMEDIA

                                                 Phone: 1  866 541 6757  EXT: 2570

                                                 Fax:     1 866 485 8461

                                                 E:Mail:  fhnotice@ospreyclass.com

                                                Web Site:  www.thewhig.com

(2) The Brockville Recorder and Times: OSPREY/SUNMEDIA

                                               Phone:  1 866 541 6757 EXT: 2570

                                               Fax:      1 866 485 8461

                                                    E: Mail: fhnotices@ospreyclass.com

                                                Web Site: www.recorder.ca

(3) The Review Mirror (Westport)    Phone:  1 613 273 8000

                                                                          1 800 387 0796

                                                            Fax:      1 613 273 8001

                                                  E: Mail:    revmir@rideau.net

                                               Web Site:   www.review-mirror.com

In either instance, whether a funeral notice or an obituary, your funeral director will assist you with everything you need to know. The proper format for a notice, the cut-off times the newspapers have established so they may go to print, etc.


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