27 Main St. County Road 8
P.O. Box 142
Elgin, ON K0G 1E0
Phone: 613 359-5555
Fax: 613 359-6329

Local Monument Companies

Below you will find a listing of local monument companies in our area. Visit their web site to learn more about their products, pricing and services listings.

 Smiths Falls

4323 County Road # 43 West RR# 3 Smiths Falls ON K7A 4S9
Phone: 1-800-378-2858
Alternate Phone: 1-613-284-0061
Fax: 1-613-284-1206
Website: http://www.costelloandcompany.ca
Email: costelloandcompany@cogeco.net
Contact: Kevin Costello


221 County Rd # 32 Gananoque ON
Phone: 1-613-382-2417
Alternate Phone: 1-800-257-2417
Website: http://leedermonuments.com
Contact: Doug Wilson

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