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Cremation Urn Vaults

A few cremation urn vaults are made from fiberglass, most urn vaults are manufactured from concrete and steel re-enforcement and have either a polystyrene, stainless steel, solid copper or solid bronze liner built within the urn vault
Cremation urn vaults serve basically three purposes or reasons for being selected.
(1) The urn vault will protect the urn from the graveside elements, some urns, of course (depending what they are manufactured from ) will break down over time when placed in the ground alone, not so, with the use of an urn vault.
(2) The use of the urn vault will support the grave, so that no settlement of the earth will cause the cemetery staff to re-visit the grave for maintenance. In some cemeteries, there is a re-visiting maintenance charge within their by-laws.
(3). Some families really appreciate the option of being able to place some trinkets with the urn, knowing they will be protected. i.e., some letters or notes, golf ball, deck of cards, etc, etc, As we are aware there is no room in an existing cremation urn to do this, therefore the option of the urn vault for that reason alone becomes very important to some,
The following items which make the graveside service complete and are also included in the price of the Cremation Urn Vault :
They are the grave dressings and custom covered lowering device and memory table, the grave site canopy for inclement weather conditions.
$  769.00  ---  $ 1,492.00

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