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We at the Scotland Funeral Home are pleased to offer a large selection of Traditional and Cremation Caskets, they are designed to meet the needs of immediate cremation, traditional burial and traditional cremation requests. All wooden caskets  suitable for services involving cremation as a means of final disposition.

All of our caskets have been selected by us to provide a range of products that meet both the need for quality and affordability that is reflected in the broad requirements of the families we serve.

If you are looking for a specific type of casket or manufacturer's model please let us know and we will make every effort possible to accommodate your needs.

DIRECT DISPOSITION CASKETS: The direct disposition casket is used primarily for immediate cremation, although is sometimes used for earth burial as well. Under current regulations the remains must be placed in a some sort of casket (which will meet the requirements of the crematorium) or casket before being transported to the Crematorium or Cemetery.

Containers range in price from $ 455.00 to $ 785.00

WOODEN CASKETS:  These caskets are primarily selected by families who chose to have a traditional visitation and funeral service, private family services or graveside services. They are selected for either, earth burial or cremation. They are made from many different species of wood, they may be manufactured from softwood (fabric covering), wood veneer, solid wood. Some of the more common species are cottonwood, birtch, poplar, oak, cherry and mahogany.

Wooden caskets range in price from $ 1,200.00 to $ 7,990.00

STEEL CASKETS:  These caskets are primarily selected for earth burial, because each and every steel casket in our selection room is hermetically sealed when closed. Families that have chosen earth burial, spring burial or the shipment of remains to a distant location, find peace of mind in knowing the remains are secure and are excluded from the elements. Steel caskets although come in various colors, the difference in price from one to the other has nothing to do with their color. The difference in price has to do with the thickness of steel (the guage). For caskets, 20 gauge steel is the the basic thickness manufactured, 18 guage is the standard thickness and 16 gauge is the premium thickness before plate steel or semi-precious metal caskets. Caskets manufactured from Stainless Steel are also available in our selection room. All of the above mentioned caskets have a one piece rubber gasket and locking mechanism which enables ultimate protection.

Steel caskets range in price from $ 2,996.00 to $ 4,646.00

SEMI-PRECIOUS METAL CASKETS: These caskets are manufactured from Solid Copper and Solid Bronze. They are measured and priced by the ounces of solid copper or bronze in the manufacturing process. All of the semi-precious metals are naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, they have a one piece rubber gasket and locking mechanism.

Semi-precious metal caskets range in price from $ 8,550.00 to $ 9,747.00

RENTAL CASKETS: A few families each year have inquired about renting a casket. To facilitate this request we offer a casket designed to allow for this service. The casket is  specially custom crafted that facilitates an inner simple container to house the remains. The casket itself acts as a "shell" around this container making it suitable for public visitation and viewing.

After the funeral service, the funeral home's professional staff removes the inner container from the outer casket shell. The inner container holding the remains is then transported to the place of final disposition, usually a crematorium.

The outer casket can and will be reused for a future services.The interior lining and pillow is replaced after each and every use. Eventually the casket reaches a point of wear and it is destroyed. Because its usage is limited, the rental casket is replaced after a relatively small number of uses. 

At the Scotland Funeral Home, we offer two kinds of rental offerings.

(1) Is the " Standard Size" offering as described above, the casket is a Solid Maple Casket, with a polished finish as well as a velvet interior. This casket includes the inner container.

(2) Is the "Plus Size" offering, the difference from the above description to the use of this particular rental casket: Is that the remains are removed by the funeral home's professional staff from this casket following the service and placed in a plus size disposition container.The container and remains are then transported to the place of final disposition, usually a crematorium. The other difference with this option is the casket, it is a 20 guage steel casket (slightly larger in size compared to casket option # 1) with crepe interior.

Pricing for either casket option and disposition container is included, $ 2,210.00

For further information about detailed costs and specific caskets and options, we invite to visit the Scotland Funeral Home in Elgin. (Appointments recommended, please call 613-359-5555)


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