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Estate Settlement Issues

Wills, probate, administrator, social security benefits, veterans benefits, insurance benefits, joint property, estate taxes and other issues may appear overwhelming after the death of a loved one. Sorting and settling all the details may be confusing because many of the terms are unfamiliar.

Please feel free to print this document. This guide is not intended to be a substitute for specific individual tax, legal, or estate settlement advice, as certain of the described considerations will not be the same for every estate. Accordingly, where specific advice is necessary or appropriate, consultation with a competent professional is strongly recommended.

Most of all keep in mind that while it is important to take care of all of these activities, it's more important to move slowly at a pace that is comfortable for you during your grieving process.


Just a little information regarding the above:

Your Funeral Director will explain all the details about Income Security and Canada Pension Benefits. If you require any additional information, please call 1-800-277-9914.

Any person who has contributed to the Canada Pension Plan based on the minimum contribution requirements may be entitled upon their death. A term used is called the lump sum benefit may be paid to the person responsible for the funeral costs or to the Estate of the Deceased.  This amount currently is $ 2,500.00. The surviving spouse is also entitled to what we call a survivor's monthly benefit which is established as a payment according to the deceased's C.P.P. retirement benefit.  As well any children of the deceased will be entitled to such a monthly benefit up until the age of 18 or to the age 25 (if they are a full time student)

We, the funeral home staff will save you the effort or concern of having to deal with Income Security Program, we will on your behalf at no extra charge send a faxed notification of the death, when completed the monthly payments for Old Age Pension or Canada Pension will cease. We will also send to Income Security Program, the information regarding the next of kin or the estate trustee. This is to ensure that all estate matters including T 4 slips for the year of the death will be forwarded to that person by the Income Security Program.


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